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Web designing have achieved the level beyond having a pretty page and impressive UI. It now needs to portray a customer business journey on various devices at multiple stages and needs to engage visitors and rank for key search terms. Your business needs to be responsive and should have continuity to evolve. Hariwebinfotech.org is a web development and web design company based in Toronto, but not restricted to serve across the globe. With more than a decade of experience, we are well versed with creating innovative and creative website designs that convert visitors!

Needless to say that your website is the first thing that any visitor will interact with before approaching you. That is the reason one needs to make the website that is interactive and responsive as per the customer needs. Anyways, who doesn’t want to attract more visitors and have an outstanding website? Make an impact on your customers with our bespoke web designing services.

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Welcome to Hariwebinfotech.org

Hariwebinfotech.org- a web design agency in Toronto:

Here at hariwebinfotech.org- a growing web development and digital marketing company based in Toronto, has immense experience in producing professional and unique web designs that convert visitors to customers. We have served various clients across different industries and have the capacity to predict and implement the next big design for your business. Our design services are not just limited to website design. We also provide graphic design, digital marketing, and web development services as well.

From startups trying to get more attention to global enterprises trying to improve their social presence, we have created responsive and bespoke web designs. We are committed and dedicated to manage your website user interface to ensure that it can beat thousands of competitors around the world. Want to make your visitors impressed?


Solving the mystery of UI/UX:

Learn the difference between UI/UX:

Having a smooth and seamless UI/UX design is an important element whether you are designing a website, a content management system, an app, or any other product. Let’s learn these two concepts within the terms of digital design.

What is UI?

User interface or UI is a graphical representation of a website or an app. It also visualizes how humans interact with all the mighty and powerful machines. It is a designing process that looks appealing by concentrating on the style, color, feel, and interactivity of a website or an app.

What is UX?
UX is different from UI as it tackles the things differently. User experience is more focused on physical and logical characteristics of a website or an app. It focuses more on how a particular user will feel after using the application. Will they feel confusing or intuitive? Since, users have a very less room for patience, UX is all about creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for users.



Solving the mystery of UI/UX:

Why you need UI Design?

UI helps in generating the overall look of your website or an app. It helps in making a great impact to create your brand identity within and outside the digital space, which will make your business services and products appear to be trustworthy and authentic.

Having a successful UI will always have a difference between a visitor bouncing back to the search results to find out your business competitors or just keeping to interact with your website. A UI designer will always look at three aspects, which are what you want to do, with whom you are, and what messages you want to convey to your audience.

Well, we are not mentioning any particular website. However, if you have a specific product related to your business, you are likely to struggle to find an appropriate out-of-the-box-product to showcase to your target audience. Hariwebinfotech.org- a leading web development and digital marketing company in Toronto, have a dedicate UI team who can style something tangible for your business customers thereby, translating your ideas into reality.


Solving the mystery of UI/UX:

What is the exact difference between UI/UX?

Though both these concepts have a vast difference, but at the same time these concepts are vital to create both usable and attractive website or an app for your target audience.

When a particular designer will get grips with the numerous tasks involved in the UI/UX domain, it will help them to understand the key difference with respect to design principles.

Examples of UI Tasks include:
Visual elements
Icons and popups

Examples of UX tasks include:
User research
Customer journey mapping
Information architecture.


Solving the mystery of UI/UX:

Why you need UX design?

UX will differentiate between what you need and how your product will actually work. It will break all the stereotypes and put the processes in place to create useful visitor experiences to your website.

UX helps in analyzing end-to-end customer journey and ensure that your customer is going to definitely interact with your product exactly the way they thought. It is very obvious that if you are a customer and you didn’t found the experience the way you want, there are chances that you won’t get converted.

Having an extremely on-point user experience can keep you ahead of the competition, where visitors are going to visit your website reputedly, resulting into higher traffic and more revenue. In the digital world, small parts of your website may also put the customers off, so do not take any chance and give them an excuse to make a quick exit from your website.

UI and UX are crucial parts of website design in order to create a beautiful and usable product just like the heat and pan work together to make your complete meal.


Solving the mystery of UI/UX:

Determining the design cost and achieving the UI/UX success:

To have a simple idea for your dream project is an easy part. The next step is to survey about the target audience that will benefit from your idea or concept. Frankly speaking, we can take it from here.

We are well versed with years of experience in website designing and build exceptional solutions for your business. Our in-house team of experienced and passionate professional designers loves to take up the challenge and understand your business requirements to create exactly what you and your customers need.

As a leading web designing company in Toronto, we are the people to turn your dream project into reality that covers seamless user experience.
The cost of a web-designing project depends upon the capabilities and requirements. We are the perfect agency in designing unique user interface and experience for every single clients. We also offer customized unique designs and CMS, which will help your business to stand out from the competitors.

Our SErvices

Secure, engaging, traffic-driving website design.



Website redesign is the process of revamping your existing website to look more stunning in order to attract more visitors and stand out from the competition. Being the leading website development and digital marketing agency in Toronto, hariwebinfotech.org provides creative and innovative re-designing solutions for your business.



Increase online sales and improve conversions by marketing your product online with the help of professionally designed E-commerce website. Hariwebinfotech.org- a leading website development and digital marketing agency in Toronto, provides you with a complete e-commerce web design services that will increase your online sales and brings more leads.



Are you sure that your web design is attractive and compatible? We have our expert team of web designers that will fully optimize your website with custom designs and SEO. As a leading custom design agency in Toronto, we offer the best to attract more visitors.



Static web designs are a boon for small owners and individuals who just want to display their services without any complex architecture. Hariwebinfotech.org is renowned digital marketing and web development agency in Toronto that provides static web design services, which is visually appealing.



If your websites are not responsive, you will loose a large chunk of audiences who are using smartphones for purchasing online or availing different services. Hariwebinfotech.org is a well-known web designing company in Toronto that has experience in creating responsive web design for all platforms.



Having a dynamic design can help businesses to implement and update multiple pages of their website. Being a leading web design and development company in Toronto, we have our in-house experts that provide scalable and custom solutions for dynamic web designs.

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